As of August 2006, the LINC Project will end. While the LINC website will continue to exist as a resource and reference, we will no longer be updating or maintaining it. We thank everyone who has supported us and with whom we have worked over the years.

The Low Income Networking and Communications (LINC) Project is a project of the National Center for Law and Economic Justice. Since 1998, the LINC Project has worked to build the technology capacity of low-income grassroots groups across the country, enabling community-based organizers and low-income individuals to gain a presence in public debates on economic justice issues, be informed, reach new allies, educate communities, share strategies, and participate in the democratic process. (Read more about LINC).

On our website, we have compiled a large selection of technology tools and resources developed for low-income grassroots groups as well as resources for and information by and about grassroots groups that organize on economic justice issues.

What's New

Tech Binders: Your Organization's Tech Brains
This tech tip will help you keep your organization's tech info organized, up-to-date and handily accessible with a simple, low-tech solution. Avoid technology-induced headaches and save valuable time!

Good Computer Usage Practices for Organization Members and Staff
This tech tip is chock full of tips for keeping your organization's computers healthy, happy, and virus and spyware free.

Password Tips for Privacy
Learn how to protect your private information with memorable, secure passwords with advice from this tech tip.

Announcing the LINC Grab Bag
Think you have a stupid question? Don't be so sure. If you are wondering, chances are someone else is too, so ask! We'll post answers to questions and suggest solutions to your problems in our new grab bag. Check it out and please, let us know what you think!

Accepting Donations Online
Wondering how to add a button to your website that will allow visitors to give you money? It isn't hard at all. Our tech tip will get you started.

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A LINC Project Workshop in action
A LINC Project Database Workshop a the National Welfare Engine annual gathering in Washington DC.